How-to Video: Email Donation Receipts (7:18)

How-to Video: Email Donation Receipts (7:18)

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    • Can Sumac make receipts for donations?

      Sumac can help you process, and send, immediate individual receipts as well as annual receipts, along with a personalized message to the donor. And if you need to email receipts, you can email encrypted PDF receipts so that they satisfy government ...
    • Can Sumac send me email notifications?

      Sumac can be set up to automatically send e-mail notifications to your users when changes to the database have been made, or when activity occurs on your website (if you’ve purchased Sumac’s Website Integration service). Some examples of when you can ...
    • How to Make a PDF Receipt Template for Sumac

      This article describes how to make a PDF tax receipt template using Open Office (Libre Office).  For best results, we recommend using Libre Office Writer as the word processor for building your PDF receipt templates. 1. Download LibreOffice HERE. 2. ...
    • Does Sumac automatically receipt online donations? How do I set this up?

      If you are using Sumac's Website Integration service, Sumac can automatically receipt online donations. When someone donates online, Sumac will send the donor an email confirming that the donation was received and will send the donor's receipt as an ...

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