How to Upload Templates into Sumac

How to Upload Templates into Sumac

Step 1: In the console, go to Utilities/Customize Database/Field Values

Step 2: Choose the area (e.g. Donations) and “Files” under Field Values, and then click “New”

Step 3: Give the file a descriptive name, then choose the file from your computer; check "Document Templates" for "File Usage", and click OK;

Step 4: Choose “Document Templates” under Field Values, and then click “New”

Step 5: Give the Template the same name as the file, then choose the file from files stored in Database and click OK

Step 6: Repeat the process for any templates you want to use in Sumac.

You can also use Template Sets in order to group similar kinds of templates together while saving them into Sumac. Find out how to use Template Sets in this article.

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