How-to Video: Create Personalized Letters Using Mail Merge (3:14)

How-to Video: Create Personalized Letters Using Mail Merge (3:14)

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    • Can Sumac send thank you letters?

      Sumac can generate personalized “thank-you” letters for donors using Sumac’s built-in mail merge features. You can create an HTML template for a thank you letter being sent by email, or a .docx or .rtf document for sending out thank you letters by ...
    • How does sending bulk emails in Sumac work?

      When Sumac sends bulk emails, it is essentially running a mail merge to personalize the emails as it sends them out. As such, you need a template that makes up the body of the email you're sending. Sumac combines the template with the data from your ...
    • My .rtf or .docx template is not working. What’s wrong?

      Here are some problems that may arise when doing Mail Merge using an .rtf or .docx template: It is possible that the template is too large. This usually happens because the template contains high resolution pictures. In .rtf documents, pictures are ...
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      Script: If you plan on importing data on a routine basis, consider using Universal Import! This helpful tool allows you to save your import preferences so ...

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