How-to Video: Step 1. Configure Database to Send Email (3:19)

How-to Video: Step 1. Configure Database to Send Email (3:19)

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    • Can Sumac send me email notifications?

      Sumac can be set up to automatically send e-mail notifications to your users when changes to the database have been made, or when activity occurs on your website (if you’ve purchased Sumac’s Website Integration service). Some examples of when you can ...
    • How-to Video: Step 3. Send Bulk Email (4:25)

    • How does Sumac handle email unsubscribes?

      If you are using Sumac for sending bulk emails, you have two options for handling unsubscribe requests: 1) You can integrate Sumac with your website to add an Unsubscribe page to your website (, which ...
    • People receiving our email cannot see the pictures. What’s wrong?

      If you send an HTML email which contains links to pictures stored on your web server, here are some things that could go wrong: The picture is not actually on the server. In this case, put the picture on the server. The picture is on the server but ...
    • Sending emails and receiving notifications with Sumac

      There are a few types of emails that Sumac can send: Sumac can send email notifications to you and other members of your team about activities that happen in your database, You can launch a one-off email from you to a single contact in your Sumac ...

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