How to Use a Set of Templates

How to Use a Set of Templates

Template Sets is a handy feature for grouping similar kinds of templates together and saving them into Sumac (e.g. sets of receipt templates, thank you letter templates, or even fundraising letters). 

For example, perhaps you want to have a few different receipt templates: one for an individual donor, one for a corporate donor, one for donations made to a specific campaign or fund. You can save all of these templates into Sumac, and assign them all to the same Template Set. When you make your receipts in Sumac, you can choose the appropriate set of templates, and Sumac will know which of your unique receipt templates it should use for each donation, all in bulk! This allows you to create very personalized receipt letters for your donors without having to run multiple batches of receipts.

How to turn on Template Sets in your database

In order to use Template Sets, you must turn on the Template Set Preference in your database. This is found under Utilities > Customize Database > Preferences.

On the "Mail Merge/Salutation" tab, put a check mark next to "Ask user to choose a set of templates for creating donation receipts," and click OK.

How to assign a template to a Template Set

When uploading your templates into the Document Templates Field Values, enter the name for a Template Set into the "Set" field.

As an example, for a Print Receipt Template, you can call this Set “Print Receipt Set.” 

For an Email Receipt Template, you might name this Set “Email Receipt Set.”

Proceed to choose the corresponding file you uploaded earlier to the database, and click OK.

As you upload new templates, enter the same Set Name to assign several templates to the same Set.

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