Reporting in Sumac Case Management for Hospices

Reporting in Sumac Case Management for Hospices

Sumac has many built-in reports, as well as precise searching and flexible export options to customize your reporting.

Using search and export for custom ad-hoc reporting

This article tells you how to search using the search panel. You can also use Search Builder to find the contacts you need to report on.  Once you have the search results showing in your list, select the columns of data you want to see in your report and export the results of your search into a spreadsheet for further analysis or formatting.

Built-in Reports

There are many built-in reports that are useful for the Hospice Case Management module. For more information on basic concepts and built-in reports, see this video. 

Hospice-specific Reporting

Program Usage

There are two easy options for gathering your program usage data to report to funders.

Option 1 is to perform a search and export the data.  From the Sumac Console, expand Specialized and select Program Usage.

In Search Type, select Program Usage Field, General - Date, and provide a date range. Click Search.

Click the columns button and add the Duration column and Service Provided: Name column by dragging them from the left of the screen to the right.

Click Export in the left-hand menu. Select the file type you wish (ie, comma-separated (.csv) and click "Export."

The result is a spreadsheet that you can use to tally the total service time provided for each service type.

Option 2
From Specialized, again select Program Usage. You can search by date range or contact type (ie patient vs client), or opt to show all. Then select Quick Count under Analyze and Report. Drag Type of Program: Name, Service Provide: Name, and Duration from the left to the right of the window and click OK.

Click "Quick Count"

This gives you an interesting breakdown. You might discover that 75% of your programs require 2 hour appointments, which means you need to increase the number of service delivery hours one case worker can provide.  Or potentially 75% of your programs require only 30 minute appointments, which means you can increase the number of appointments in a day.

Bed Usage

Go to Specialized and select Admission and Discharge.  In Search Type select Admission and Discharge Field and then General - Date of Admission. Set the end date to today, then click the plus sign to add another criteria.   Select Admission and Discharge Field and then General - Date of Discharge and check the "is null" checkbox. Search.

In the bottom left corner of the Sumac screen, the Entries in list number indicates how many patients have been admitted but have not yet been discharged.

Bed occupancy rates

To determine your occupancy over the course of the year, perform a similar search for Bed Usage (above.) Set your Admission date to greater than or equal to January 1 of the current year, and a Discharge date that is less than or equal to December 31 of the current year. 

The Entries in List number in the bottom left of your screen indicates the number of patients served during the year.

To calculate the bed days for the year, add the Date of Admission and Date of Discharge columns and export to .csv.

Use the Excel formula for DAYS to calculate the number of days per patient.

Other built-in reports to explore

There are many other reports that will help you manage your Hospice. Start by exploring these build-in reports:

Volunteer & Staff Tasks

  1. Assigned workers
  2. Tasks in Date Range
  3. Volunteers By Type

Time Dockets

  1. Client (both detail and summary)
  2. Program (both detail and summary)
  3. Worker (detail, detail list, summary)
  4. Years (excellent for volunteer recognition!)

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