Managing Patient and Client Intake and Discharge

Managing Patient and Client Intake and Discharge


There are three steps to recording a patient or client's admission:
  1. Create a Contact record for the patient or client
  2. Fill out the Hospice Info tab in the patient's contact record (used for patients only)
  3. Create an Admission and Discharge record (used for patients only)

Create a Contact record 

In Sumac, the Contact record is where you begin. The Contact record allows you to record all the biographical information about clients and patients. For more information on creating a Contact record, click here.

Basic tab

Start by recording the client/patient name, address, date of birth, gender, marital status, and what type of contact they are (i.e. client or patient. Other Contact Types might include funder, sponsor, Board Member, etc.). Contact type is an important field in Sumac. For more information on Contact Types, use this link.

Residential Address/Business Address

Record the client/patient address information on the appropriate tab.

Fill out the Hospice Info tab

The Hospice Info tab records information about substitute decision-makers, permitted visitors, funeral home, location prior to hospice, primary diagnosis, and most responsible physician. 

Intake Information

The Hospice Info tab records the substitute decision-maker's name, phone number, and email. Note permitted visitors if appropriate and their choice of funeral home.

Patient Background

In this section, note the patient's location prior to admission (e.g. long-term care, hospital, home) and their primary diagnosis.

Most Responsible Physician

Note the name and contact information for the MRP.
Note: the information stored on the Hospice Info tab is the current information for this patient. Information that is deleted or changed on this tab cannot be retrieved.

If, for example, the substitute decision-maker changes, it is recommended to make note of the change on the patient's history tab. This link provides more information on Adding to Contact records.

Create an Admission and Discharge record

To complete an admission for a new patient, go to their History tab. Click "Add to Contact" and then select "Admission and Discharge" from the available options.

In the Admission and Discharge record, be sure to record:
  1. The patient's admission date and time
  2. Where the patient was Admitted from (e.g. hospital, home, long-term care)
  3. Their PPS at Admission

Historical records such as Admission and Discharge, PPS Measurement, and Program Usage records will always be accessible from the Contact's record, on the History tab unless deleted by a user. 

Your Sumac Administrator can edit user permissions to prevent accidental manipulation or deletion of Program Usage records. To learn more about creating users and managing user permissions, check out this article.


At discharge, go to the History tab and double-click the Admission and Discharge entry to open it. Complete the Discharge portion of the record: date and time of discharge, the patient PPS at discharge, and where the patient was discharged to (e.g. home, hospital, death).  

Death Pronouncement

Death Pronouncement details are recorded in a similar fashion to Discharge. Double-click the Admission and Discharge record on the History tab to record time of death, cause of death, the practitioner who pronounced death, and who completed the death certificate.

Additional Notes and Recommendations
  1. You can easily customize Sumac to meet the needs of your organization. All drop-down lists and check-box options can be edited by your administrator.
  2. When you are working on a Contact's History tab, tracking PPS Measurements and Admissions and Discharge, the list of Record Types can be long and unwieldy. You can quickly personalize the list of Record Types so that only those you work with regularly are available to you.

To learn how to report on these statistics, refer to this article.

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