Reminders Overview

Reminders Overview

General Overview

The Reminders area provides a central calendar and task list for you and your users. It is designed to assist you in managing and planning any activities with the contacts in your Sumac database so you can stay on top of your to-do items. This also provides you and your team with a central place to manage things like donor follow-ups, planning processes, and help everyone stay on the same page about what needs to be done.

Like every other area of Sumac, Reminders always revolve around the Contacts in your database. Every Reminder is associated with a contact, allowing you to easily access that contact's record and history with your organization, record new communications, or add other types of records for this contact right from the reminder! 

There are three basic types of Reminders:
  1. Basic Reminder - reminds you of a task that needs to be performed on a certain date. Basic Reminders are ideal for scheduling one-off tasks and to-do items for future dates to make sure you don't forget to complete them. These Reminders can easily be viewed in your Reminders List.
  2. A Meeting - reminds you to attend a meeting at a specific date, time, and place. You can schedule meetings for yourself or other users, and these meetings can easily be viewed in your Reminders Calendar, or your Reminders List.
  3. An Action Plan - like a Basic Reminder, except that an Action Plan indicates a checklist of steps within a pre-configured series of steps that need to be carried out. This type of Reminder can be seen as progressing through, and checking off, items in the action plan as they are completed. Each step in an Action Plan can be assigned to a single user to make sure each step of a process is completed by the right person at the right time. These Reminders can also easily be viewed in your Reminders List.
Each time Sumac starts, if there are any incomplete Reminders for you, the Reminder List is displayed right away to show you all the tasks you need to complete. By default, Sumac will display the Reminders list to show you all the incomplete Reminders for the current user (you) that have a Bring Forward Date before, or up to, the current date.

The "Bring Forward Date" in Reminders represents the date you want Sumac to remind you of this to-do item.

The Reminders List View

The Reminders List View is ideal for seeing all the Reminders, Meeting and Action Plans you have assigned to you. It shows you all of these things in an easy to access list, and you can sort the list however you like to bring the most critical to-do items to the top (e.g. everything due today).

The Reminders Calendar View

The Reminders Calendar View is ideal for seeing the Meetings assigned to you in a calendar layout. You can display the calendar by day, week or month depending on your preference. It also allows you to show the Meetings for other users, so if you're trying to find a time you can schedule for you and your colleagues to meet and collaborate together, the Calendar View makes it easy to find a time that you're all available! 

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