Inserting images into HTML Templates

Inserting images into HTML Templates

When sending emails through Sumac, it's important that the template for your email is an HTML file. This ensures that colours, links, font styles, and other formatting preferences appear appropriately in your recipients' email inboxes.

When setting up your HTML template, if you are planning to include images in your email, these images must exist in a publicly web-accessible location so that they display properly. The simplest way to make sure this works is to use an image that resides on your website, or web server. 

If using an image on your website, include the image's URL in your HTML template. To do this, locate the image on your website, right-click the image, and select "Copy image address" to get the image's URL. In your HTML template, insert the image using the image's URL.

As an example, here is the URL to the Sumac logo:

If using Sea Monkey or another HTML editor to build the HTML template, you would click the Insert Image button, and paste that URL into the image location field. This ensures the image is properly inserted in the template so that it displays successfully for recipients!

For more information on creating an HTML template to send emails through Sumac, have a look at this How-to video.

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