How to connect to your cloud hosted database

How to connect to your cloud hosted database

Step 1: Install Sumac

To install Sumac, follow the install instruction here on the Silent Partner Software website.

Step 2: Find connection information

This would have been sent to you in an email. You will need:
  1. Organization name OR Organization ID as it is listed in our internal systems
  2. A username and password

Step 3: Log into Sumac

Open Sumac as you normally would and when you do you should see the screen below. Enter the information from the previous step and click LOGIN.

Sumac does not remember your username and password for future use so you will always need to log in. Note down your username and password in a secure location. 

Step 4: Create  Usernames and Passwords for your colleagues

If you are the administrator of your Sumac database in your organization, you will need to provide each of  your colleagues with a username and a password. To do so, see the instructions here 

That’s it! You’re ready to start using your Sumac database! 


If you run into any issues during the above process, the best option is to restart the process. To do so you will need to find and delete a file called "Databases.txt" in the SumacSettings folder on your computer.

Select the file, once you have located it and delete it. 
Then when you are done, go to your desktop and double click on the Sumac icon to run it. You should then be able to continue from Step 2 onward, above. 

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