Does Sumac automatically receipt online donations? How do I set this up?

Does Sumac automatically receipt online donations? How do I set this up?

If you are using Sumac's Website Integration service, Sumac can automatically receipt online donations. When someone donates online, Sumac will send the donor an email confirming that the donation was received and will send the donor's receipt as an attachment to that confirmation email.

1) You will need two templates:

a. You need to have a PDF receipt template. You can create your own, or you can just use the one on we have on our website here: You can customize our PDF template to include your own logo, fonts, body text, etc., but otherwise the receipt is all set up for you!

b. You need to have an HTML template for the confirmation email message body. Usually, this is just a quick message to indicate that you received their donation and that their receipt is attached. Here's a link to our how-to video on creating HTML templates:

2) Once you've created the templates, you need to save both templates in the database. This is done in Field Values.

a. In your Sumac console, expand Utilities, Customize Database, then click Field Values.

b. Choose the Area: Donations, then click the Field Values: Files. Click New.

c. Enter a description - a name for this file - and click "Choose File" to select your confirmation email template (note that you can only save one file at a time). Click OK to save the template in the database.

d. Repeat this process for your PDF receipt template to save it in the database as well.

3) You need to specify that you want Sumac to send PDF receipts in your database Preferences.

a. In your Sumac console, expand Utilities, Customize Database, then click Preferences.

b. In the Preferences window, click the Donations tab.

c. At the bottom of the Donations tab, there are a few fields you need to enter: a "from" email display name (e.g. Jane Smith), a "from" email address (e.g., an email donation confirmation email message template (choose the confirmation message template), the email donation receipt template (choose your PDF receipt template), and specify which Donation Type Sumac should use for online donations (e.g. "Online"). If you have more questions or need any further assistance with this, please contact, or call into our office at 416-504-8724 and dial 1 for Tech Support. Any of the Sumac Gurus would be happy to help!

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