Sample Templates for Letters and Receipts

Sample Templates for Letters and Receipts

While some organizations prefer to build their own templates for fundraising letters, thank yous, or receipts, Silent Partner Software has created some sample template options to help you get started!

Note: for print mailings, download the RTF or DOCX version of the template. For an email, download the HTML version of the template.

Fund-raising Letter

Find tips for writing the perfect solicitation letter with example  HERE.

Thank You Letter
In Honor Of

Find tips for writing the perfect thank you letter with example  HERE .

Silent Partner Software offers a receipt template service. To find out more, click here.

Donation Receipt
U.S. Style Annual Donation Summary

Canadian Style Donation Receipt

Follow this Guide for pdf receipts

Find everything you need to know about end of year receipts  HERE .
Looking for a Newsletter template?  Get free Non-profit Newsletter Templates  HERE!
Once you've selected your template, you can start personalizing your letter using Mail Merge Codes.
Learn more about inserting Mail Merge Codes here!

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