People receiving our email cannot see the pictures. What’s wrong?

            If you send an HTML email which contains links to pictures stored on your web server, here are some things that could go wrong:
            1. The picture is not actually on the server. In this case, put the picture on the server.
            2. The picture is on the server but its file name on the server is different from the name in the link in the HTML email. If this is the problem, fix the name in the HTML document. Note that some web servers are case sensitive with respect to file names: PICTURE.jpg is not the same as picture.jpg. So make sure that words are entered precisely.
            3. The picture is on the server and its name is correct, but the directory holding the picture is not publicly accessible. Move the picture to a public directory on the server and change the HTML document or, alternatively, make the directory publicly accessible.
            Updated: 04 Jan 2019 02:27 AM
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