How does Sumac integrate with accounting software? (QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, etc)

            There are several ways that Sumac can integrate with accounting software:

            a. You can instantly get a total of donations in any time period, so if you just need to put a "total donations" figure into the accounting software, you can do this as often as appropriate (weekly, monthly).

            b. Every list in Sumac, including the Donations list, provides the ability to export anything you want into a file. This enables you to export any information (e.g. this week's donations) into a file, which can then be imported into your accounting software. Relatively few Sumac users do this: since Sumac holds all the transaction details (about 25 pieces of information about each donation) there is no need for a redundant subset of this data to also be stored in the accounting software.

            c. Sumac maintains account codes in financially significant records like donations, payments, sales, etc. Sumac can then produce a summary of transactions by account code. You can then use this G/L-style summary report to enter (usually manually, since it is only a couple of numbers) the totals into your accounting package, perhaps weekly or monthly.

            d. Sumac provides countless reports which can be exported to files. The report files can then be imported into accounting software.

            e. Every installation of Sumac includes Ledger Entries. This is a separate list of accounting information, generated automatically by Sumac. You can tell Sumac which types of transactions (e.g. donations, ticket sales, etc.) you want automatically added to the ledger entries. Ledger Entries works like other lists in Sumac: the same search, sort, edit, export, and print features apply. These ledger entries can be used to produce reports within Sumac or can be exported to provide details for use in an accounting package.

            f. Finally, if you are using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, Sumac supports an Accounting API that allows you to send general journal entries from Sumac to QuickBooks for financially significant transactions.

            Updated: 24 May 2019 04:06 AM
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