How do I import donations?

            You will need to import your Contact Record information first.  Then, you will need to import your donation information in a second import.  To ensure that the donation records are connected with the corresponding donor, be sure to include a column in the Donation Records spreadsheet called Contact ID.  A contact ID is a unique way of identifying which contact is which, and ensures the donation information is linked to exactly the correct Contact Record in Sumac.

            In Sumac, there is a built-in tool called "Import Workspace" that will help you create that Contact ID column.  You can upload your donations import spreadsheet into Import Workspace and run a command called “Get Contact IDs” that will find the Contact IDs for you and fill them into the Contact ID column. 

            Once the Contact IDs are matched, you can then import your historical donation data.

            Be sure to follow along with these how-to videos to help you learn how to import donations:

            Updated: 27 Dec 2018 06:23 AM
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