How do I import an .abbu file?

            From what we've found, the .abbu file that exports from the Apple address book is really only compatible with another Apple address book (ie. if you wanted to share your contacts with another Mac user, or got a new Mac and want to transfer your old contacts onto your new computer, for example). Generally speaking, .abbu files are not compatible with Sumac.

            The most useful thing we've found is this link here:

            It takes you through the steps of changing the .abbu file into a .csv file, which you could bring into Excel or Sumac's Import Workspace to prepare for importing.

            The solution in the link above requires the use of a program called Numbers, which used to be included on every Apple computer. A few years ago, Apple changed that and began selling Numbers as a separate program. If your Mac has Numbers on it already, you can follow the instructions in the link above.

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