Where does my data reside?

Where does my data reside?

If you are using our Sumac Cloud hosting service, your data resides on our cloud servers hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our AWS servers are in Canada, and you can visit this page on the AWS website to learn more about AWS services in Canada.

If you are not using Sumac Cloud, and have opted to store your database locally, this means your data resides on a computer in your office. If you are licensed for a single-user version of Sumac (Bronze or Silver), the data resides in your computer, much like you would save word processing and spreadsheet documents on your computer. If you are licensed for a Sumac Gold or Sumac Platinum database, these are multi-user; the data resides on your server (typically your office server, or a desktop computer running database software). 
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    • What privacy and security is in place for Sumac Cloud?

      At Sumac, we go to great lengths to ensure your data is private and confidential. We do not, under any circumstances, share your data with any third parties. In addition, all our staff have agreed, in writing, to our confidential data handling ...
    • Does Sumac have a backup of my database?

      If you are using the Sumac Cloud hosting service, yes. Since your team is using Sumac Cloud, we back up your database for you every day! If you need access to a backup of your database, or require assistance in restoring a backup, contact the Sumac ...
    • What is the backup and redundancy system for Sumac Cloud?

      When your Sumac CRM is hosted on our cloud service, we take care of backing up your database for you automatically. We have developed the following policy for retaining client backups: Silent Partner Software takes a backup of your database every ...
    • How to connect to your cloud hosted database?

      If you are upgrading from a locally hosted database to a cloud hosted database, please first read the section "Upgrade from local installation to a cloud hosted database" at the end of this article.  Step 1: Install Sumac Follow the instruction here ...
    • When I run Sumac, it tells me it cannot connect to the database server… why?

      This message means that for some reason Sumac is unable to establish a connection to the database server computer. Single-User Sumac (Trial, Bronze, Silver) If you are running a single-user version of Sumac, the data is on your computer, so this ...

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