What privacy and security is in place for Sumac Cloud?

What privacy and security is in place for Sumac Cloud?

At Sumac, we go to great lengths to ensure your data is private and confidential. We do not, under any circumstances, share your data with any third parties. In addition, all our staff have agreed, in writing, to our confidential data handling procedures.

We also understand the need to keep your data secure and take significant measures to ensure this. With Sumac Cloud, your database is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and your connection to our servers can be encrypted. Sumac is also PA-DSS compliant so that the application can securely process credit cards and handle sensitive payment information.

For more information on security, please see our Security and Risk Management Manual

Finally, remember that your data is exactly that, your data. Sumac does not claim any right to it. If you decide to cancel Sumac at any time, you can get all of your data out.

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