What is Website Integration?

What is Website Integration?

Sumac can integrate with your website in a few different ways: online donations, contact info updates or newsletter sign-ups/unsubscribes, membership renewals (requires Membership Add-on), ticket sales (requires Ticketing Add-on), and course registration (requires Course Registration Add-on).

To use online donations as an example:

A donor(s) could visit your website and donate via credit card. Sumac will enter all the information in your database and process the payment(s), and it can also send the donor(s) a receipt for their donation(s) as well! In order for this to work, there are two main things that need to be in place:

1) You must be linked with one of our supported payment processors, like iATS, so that Sumac knows how to process the payments made on your website. For more information about Payment Processing in Sumac, visit this page: http://sumac.com/payment-processing/

2) You must set up a donation page on your website and connect your website to your Sumac database. You will need the Website Integration Service which is: 1) a one-time fee of $700 for the setup and 2) $100/month for Sumac Gold, Silver, and Bronze for the connection (if you are using Sumac Platinum, contact the Sumac Sales team for more details on pricing: sales@sumac.com).
To learn more about the Website Integration Service, check out this page.

Essentially, the Sumac pages have fields that Sumac can read. Sumac will read the donation page on your website, see when someone's making a donation, update your database, process the payment, and send the donor a receipt.

With Website Integration, the connection between these web pages and your database are connected 24/7. This also includes the Sumac Cloud hosting service, which means that your database resides in the cloud on the Sumac servers, so you would be able to access your database from anywhere there is an internet connection (from work, travel, etc.). The Sumac Team also take care of backing up your database for you on a daily basis.

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