What is the difference between a Fund and a Campaign in Sumac?

What is the difference between a Fund and a Campaign in Sumac?

Typically a Fund is the purpose for a donation, i.e. how the donor wants you to use the money they've donated. If you allow donors to specify that a donation is for a particular purpose (e.g. “here is $100 to use for your Day Program" or “here is $10,000 for your Capital Campaign”), then the purposes (e.g. Day Program and the Capital Campaign) are Funds. Sumac can record and report on which pledges relate to a which Funds and which donations were allocated to which Funds.

A Campaign is a fundraising effort, i.e. a set of steps you pursue to get donations. For example, your Christmas Fundraising Drive might be a Campaign. Sumac can record which communications, pledges, and donations relate to a particular campaign.

Note: Capital Campaigns often have a set of steps you might pursue to get donations, and would also be the purpose for the donations you receive. It is common to see "Capital Campaign" as both a Campaign and a Fund in Sumac.

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