What is the backup and redundancy system for Sumac Cloud?

What is the backup and redundancy system for Sumac Cloud?

When your Sumac CRM is hosted on our cloud service, we take care of backing up your database for you automatically. We have developed the following policy for retaining client backups:

  1. Silent Partner Software takes a backup of your database every day. We store this daily backup for 35 days.
  2. The first backup of each month will be stored for 1 year.
  3. The first backup taken each year will be stored for 5 years.

All of this means that at any given time, Silent Partner Software has a backup of your database for the start of the year for the last 5 years, a backup for the start of each month for the last 12 months, and a daily backup for the last 35 days.

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    • How do I back up my Sumac?

      All versions of Sumac have a Backup Entire Database tool which will save your database as a .zip file which you can save to the location of your choice. Step 1. Start by navigating to Utilities under the main Sumac console. From here expand Sumac ...
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      At Sumac, we go to great lengths to ensure your data is private and confidential. We do not, under any circumstances, share your data with any third parties. In addition, all our staff have agreed, in writing, to our confidential data handling ...

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