What is "customization" in Sumac?

What is "customization" in Sumac?

In Sumac, customization is all about adding the finishing touches to make sure the fields, terminology, and preferences in your database fit with your organization’s needs and objectives.

Although not everything in Sumac is customizable, you can add your own fields to contact records, and also have the flexibility to customize drop-down menus and check boxes to include the options you want to see in your own database.  And with Sumac, you have several options for setting preferences for each section of the database to reflect your organization’s needs.

You are able to customize your Sumac database on your own, but if you need help tailoring things, our team is here to help in the following ways:
  • Customization is included with our Data Migration service. As our migration gurus determine how to move your existing data from your old system into Sumac, they will customize drop-down menus, tabs, check boxes, etc., to ensure your data fits into Sumac. Our migration gurus use the standard customization options available with our out-of-box solution to accommodate this.
  • If further customization is needed after Data Migration, our support gurus are happy to help show you how to customize Sumac to further personalize it for your needs. There are how-to videos that will guide you through what you are able to customize, and you can always reach out to support if you have questions or need assistance.

Remember, while Sumac is quite flexible, not everything is customizable. If you have specific customization in mind, please let the Sumac team know so we can discuss whether or not that is something Sumac can support.
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