Can I integrate Quadient with Sumac?

Can I integrate Quadient with Sumac?

Quadient Data Services is an address verification system. When you integrate Quadient with your Sumac database, this allows you to validate individual addresses in your database before sending out a mailing to a contact. This service works well for non profits that do a lot of shipping, or who frequently need to create one-off mailing labels for mailing (e.g. mailing out a ticket order).

The Quadient + Sumac integration can handle address correction for United States, Canada, Australia, and U.K. addresses.

Remember that Quadient is a separate service with a unique fee structure for their services. Have a look at this page on the Sumac website to lean more about Quadient and their pricing:

Please note: the Sumac + Quadient integration does not support bulk address validation. Instead, it allows you to validate an address for one contact at a time before creating a mailing label for that contact.
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