Partner Academy - Receipting

Partner Academy - Receipting

Whether you are new to making receipts and receipt templates, or just need a refresher, these webinars will show you what you need to know!

Sumac Donations Part III - Receipting and Thank-you Letters
Hosted by  Meaghan Watson, Maria Sheregova
Join us for Part III of our Sumac Donations training where we’ll be exploring how to issue and send receipts and thank you letters.
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      Make Receipts works like a mail merge, using a template that generates tax receipts. Before making receipts ensure that you have a tax receipt and thank you email template ready to use. If you do not have a tax receipt template, there are standard ...
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      This article describes how to make a PDF tax receipt template using Open Office (Libre Office). Silent Partner Software offers a receipt template service - let us set up your receipts for you! For more information, book an appointment with your ...
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      Sumac can generate encrypted, government compliant electronic tax receipts that can be sent to donors. This can help reduce your organizational costs as you do not need to print and mail as many tax receipts. To email donation receipts your ...
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      While some organizations prefer to build their own templates for fundraising letters, thank yous, or receipts, Silent Partner Software has created some sample template options to help you get started! Note: for print mailings, download the RTF or ...

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