HTML Editors Recommended by Sumac

HTML Editors Recommended by Sumac

1. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is a free basic HTML editor which produces standard HTML that can be displayed correctly by virtually all email programs. Visit website

SeaMonkey is an integrated web program: it does browsing, email, address book, chat, and HTML page composition. To eliminate all but the page composition functionality, when you first run SeaMonkey, choose Edit/Preferences, click Appearance, then click to turn off all but the Composer, then click OK to save the preferences. Quit and start again, and you will have an empty HTML page to edit.

2. Mosaico 

This HTML editor is easy to use, comes with a couple built-in templates, and is free! Visit website

3. BEE Free

Free online email editor to build responsive layout emails fast and easily. Just pick a template, add your content, download the HTML email, and use it virtually anywhere. Visit website

4. BEE Pro

A more advanced version of BEE Free, this HTML editor is also easy to use, comes with lots of beautiful templates, allows you to store and edit them for future use and is quite affordable! For more info and current pricing options, visit website.

The HTML editors mentioned in this article are low cost options recommended by Sumac. However, if your organization is licensed for more complex paid products, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you could use those tools to build your HTML templates instead of one of the HTML editors we have suggested here.

Once you've selected your HTML editor, you can start making your template. Have a look at the sample templates we provide here!
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