How to use Splashtop to share screens with the Sumac Support team

How to use Splashtop to share screens with the Sumac Support team

Sometimes the our Support Team needs to connect to your screen to help address questions you have about Sumac. We use a tool called Splashtop to facilitate this. 

Everyone at Silent Partner respects the confidentiality of our clients and their data. We do not want to accidentally see information we should not see.
Before allowing Support access to your computer, it is important to remember that anything on your monitors can be seen by the Support Team member you connect with. Please ensure confidential files are minimized to avoid exposing sensitive information.

You can launch Splashtop in two ways:

1) If you are logged into Sumac, from your Sumac console, expand Utilities > Install Support Software. That will launch your web browser, connecting you to the Splashtop website, and also launches Splashtop for you!

2) To install Splashtop on your computer, open your web browser and type in the address bar.  Do not type in the search area. Typing in the search area will search for Splashtop rather than take you to the address.

Hit the "Enter" button on your keyboard. Your browser will go to that web address and will download a file to your computer. If the file doesn't download automatically, click the appropriate link.

The download shows in the bottom left corner if you use Google as your browser. Use the small arrow to open the menu and select "Open."

NOTE: If you can't see the download in your browser, open "File Explorer" and then open "Downloads." You can see the Downloads folder under "Quick Access" and under "This PC."

Double click on SplashtopSOS.exe to run the program.  

When Splashtop opens you will be asked if you want the program to make changes to your computer - click "Yes."

Finally, give the 9 digit code to your Silent Partner Support Team Member and do NOT close Splashtop.

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