How to use Spell Checking in Sumac

How to use Spell Checking in Sumac

Sumac supports spell checking to help you identify when a word you are typing into a Notes field is spelled incorrectly. This feature works in any language.

To enable this feature, you need a list of acceptable words. A word list file is a text file with one correctly spelled word on each line. You can use your own, or download one of the dictionaries below. You can even modify the list of acceptable words to add your own specialized vocabulary (one word per line).


You can use any of the Sumac-supplied dictionaries attached to this help article:
  1. American English
  2. Canadian English
  3. British English


Once you have your word list file, here is how to make it available to Sumac, enabling the spell checking feature: 

Step 1. Download the dictionary you’d like to use

Step 2. Make sure to rename the file to “dictionary.txt”

Step 3. Put the file in the SumacSettings folder on your computer. This folder is in your user home folder on your computer, whose location depends on which type of computer you are using.

If you have any trouble finding the SumacSettings folder on your computer, you can search your computer for "SumacSettings" to find this folder.

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