How to Set up MailChimp Integration in Sumac

How to Set up MailChimp Integration in Sumac

In order for Sumac to export email addresses over to MailChimp, you need to give Sumac some information about your MailChimp account so that Sumac knows how to do this. This is set up in Lookup Lists.

1) In your Sumac console, click Utilities > Customize Database > Lookup Lists. Choose the Area: Contacts, then choose the Lookup List: Email Services.

2) Click the "New" button, and from the Email Service Type drop-down menu, select "MailChimp" (see screenshot below):

3) There are a few fields you need to fill in:
  • Name - This is the name that you use to identify this particular email service. You may have several different MailChimp Audience lists, and this enables you to distinguish one from another.
  • Email Service Destination - This is the Audience ID defined within MailChimp
  • Email Service User Name - [not required; leave blank]
  • Email Service Password - Your MailChimp API Key
  • Contact ID field name - Enter name of the field in Mail Chimp that Sumac’s Contact ID data should map to
  • Contact Letter Salutation field name - Enter the name of the field in Mail Chimp where you’d like Contact Letter Salutation data from Sumac to map to.
4) Fill in the above information, and click OK to save this. Continue these steps to set up new Email Services for each of your MailChimp Audience lists. 

NOTE: After setting up the MailChimp integration, you should quit and restart Sumac for these changes to take effect.

Administrator users will be able to export to MailChimp upon restarting. If you need to allow other non-Administrator users to export contacts to MailChimp, you need to edit their user profiles to provide those users with the "Export to Email Service" user privilege. This is done under Utilities > Sumac Adminstration > Users.

Once you've completed setting up these Email Services, you can export email addresses from your Sumac Contact list any time! Here's how:

1) From your Sumac console, click the "Contacts" button to open your Contact list.
2) Search for the contacts whose email addresses you want to export to MailChimp (for tips on searching, review these how-to videos).
3) Once you've got your list, click "Export to Email Service." Sumac will ask if you want to export to an external bulk email service. Click "Yes," and choose which of your MailChimp lists you want to export to (see screenshot below):

Click OK and Sumac will export these email address to MailChimp for you!

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