How to set up Field Preferences

How to set up Field Preferences

In Sumac, you have hundreds of fields available to you to capture important information. Many organizations want to customize the fields in Sumac to make things work best for their needs. 

For this reason, Sumac provides an area called Field Preferences, allowing you to:
Rename some fields - this is a great way to personalize Sumac with your organization's language
Make some fields mandatory - this is a great way to make sure that critical information is never missed during data entry
Hide irrelevant fields - this is is a great way to hide fields your organization does not use

To personalize the Field Preferences for your organization, log in as a Sumac Administrator. From your main console, go to Utilities > Customize Database > Field Preferences

Sumac presents you with all the different areas and add-ons available in your database.

Click the name of any area to see its Field Preferences. For example, click "Contacts" to see the field preferences available for Contact records. The allows you to rename fields, make fields mandatory, or hide them completely.

Rename Fields

Sumac shows you all the fields that are available to be renamed. In the "New Name" column, click into any o f the descriptions here, and type in a new name for that field. When you have given fields the name you want to see displayed in your database, click "OK" to save this change.

Hide Fields and Make Fields Mandatory

Sumac shows you all the fields that are available to be Hidden or made Mandatory. To Hide a field, put an X in the "Hide" column next to that field's name. To make a field Mandatory, put an X in the "Mandatory" column next to that field's name. When you have adjusted the fields you want to hide or make mandatory, click "OK" to save this change.

Note: Not every field is available to be renamed, made mandatory, or hidden. Some things are standard and defined by Sumac, and you don’t have the option to adjust these fields.

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