How to edit an existing pledge

How to edit an existing pledge

On occasion, you may need to edit an existing pledge record. For example, perhaps one of your monthly donors contacts you with new credit card details to use for their monthly pledge. In this situation, you can edit their existing pledge record to ensure Sumac uses the new credit card information. 

First, find their pledge record. You can search for this in the Pledges list, or find the donor's contact record. From their History tab, double-click the Pledge you want to edit.

If you need to adjust any of the basic pledge or donation record details, you can adjust these items at this time. To update the payment details for this pledge, click the "Payment" button.

Sumac presents you with a new window that shows the payment details on file for this pledge. 
If you are editing credit card details for this pledge, it is critical that you clear the Customer Code field before editing the credit card details. The Customer Code is what Sumac uses to send the credit card details to your payment processing for each monthly pledge payment. It is how the payment processor matches the pledge being processed to the credit card details on file for that payer. If you do not clear the Customer Code, Sumac will continue using the old code (and therefor, the old credit card details)

To clear the Customer Code, click "Clear." Sumac will present you with a message that confirms what clearing the Customer Code will do. Click OK to confirm clearing the Customer Code.

If your organization chooses to switch payment processors, you should also clear the Customer Code for existing pledges to ensure Sumac can successfully connect the pledge to your new payment processor. 

Once you have cleared the Customer Code, you can continue on with adjusting the credit card details for this pledge, then click OK to save these changes.

Click OK to save all changes to the pledge, and all updates will be saved successfully!

The next time you process this pledge, Sumac will use the updated payment details, and will save a new Customer Code from your payment processor.
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