How do I set up Sumac to send emails?

How do I set up Sumac to send emails?

In order to send bulk emails out of your Sumac database, you’ll need to give Sumac some information about your mail server so that it knows how to send emails. Have a look at these how-to videos to learn everything about sending bulk emails in Sumac and how to set this up:
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    • Why can’t Sumac connect to the SMTP server to send email?

      If you are using Sumac to send bulk email for the first time, and are receiving an SMTP error, it's most likely that the information about the SMTP server is configured incorrectly or not at all. A Sumac Administrator needs to set up the details of ...
    • How does sending bulk emails in Sumac work?

      When Sumac sends bulk emails, it is essentially running a mail merge to personalize the emails as it sends them out. As such, you need a template that makes up the body of the email you're sending. Sumac combines the template with the data from your ...
    • How do I make sure my emails don't get marked as spam?

      If you are using Sumac to send bulk emails, the best way to ensure the emails you are sending will not be marked as spam is to use Sumac's Batch Scheduling tools to make sure you are conforming to your SMTP server's sending limits, and that you ...
    • How-to Video: Step 3. Send Bulk Email (4:25)

    • Can Sumac send thank you letters?

      Sumac can generate personalized “thank-you” letters for donors using Sumac’s built-in mail merge features. You can create an HTML template for a thank you letter being sent by email, or a .docx or .rtf document for sending out thank you letters by ...