How do I install Sumac on my computer and connect to the Cloud so I can work from home?

How do I install Sumac on my computer and connect to the Cloud so I can work from home?

If your organization has Sumac hosted on the cloud, you can install Sumac and connect to your database from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a Windows, macOS or Linux computer. The basic steps are: download the software, install it, and connect to your database in the cloud.

Step one and two: download and install Sumac. You can find the download links and complete instructions here. Make sure that you don't already have the desktop/locally hosted version installed on your computer!

Step three: connect to your database in the cloud. Double click on the Sumac icon on your desktop to run it. When the welcome screen opens, click "Begin."

The next window that opens asks you which database to connect to. Select the first option "Existing Database."

Next, you need to enter the information that tells Sumac where your database is. This can be found in the email that we sent when your organization first moved Sumac to the Cloud. If you can't find that email, or can't access it, contact support and we can resend the information to you!  

When you are sure you have entered the database location exactly right, click "OK" and quit Sumac.

You can double-click the icon and log in to Sumac with your normal username and password!

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