How do I back up my Sumac?

How do I back up my Sumac?

All versions of Sumac have a Backup Entire Database tool which will save your database as a .zip file which you can save to the location of your choice.

Step 1. Start by navigating to Utilities under the main Sumac console. From here expand Sumac Administration.

Step 2. In here you will see a button called "Backup Entire Database." This is the button which will allow you to do just that, remember that if you are not an administrator, you will not be able to see this.

Step 3. When you open Backup Entire Database, the first thing you will have to do is click Choose File. This will allow you to choose the name of the file and where you want to put the backup file. After choosing the name and location click OK and it will backup the entire database.

You should put the backup file to a type of media that is not in the same location as the computer being backed up. This can be removable media like a USB key, a writable CD or DVD, a remote backup server, or an external hard drive. If you put your backup on relatively unreliable devices (e.g. CD-R or DVD-R), then make sure that the backup program verifies the data after writing it.

Once the backup is performed, remove the media. This does not mean to just turn it off or disconnect it from your computer. You need to physically remove it from your office. If you just put the backup device into a drawer beside the computer being backed up, then the same disaster (flood, fire, theft, lightning, etc.) that destroys the server computer will probably also destroy the backup device.

You should have multiple copies. Don’t just back up to one device and re-use it every week. We recommend at least five different backup devices, using a different one each week on a five week cycle. Like any other electronic equipment, they can fail. Having just one or two is not sufficient.

Instead of physically removable media, you could also use an online backup service, which sends your data to a remote server.

Now you have an entire backup of the database which can be used to reproduce your database when needed. 

Remember that if you are a Sumac Cloud customer, we backup your database every day. We keep daily backups for 35 days, and monthly backups are kept for 1 year.

If you need a copy of this backup, give us a call or email!

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      You should back up your data on a regular basis. The Sumac Team recommends backing up every day, or weekly at a minimum. Loss of a week’s data is a nuisance. Loss of a month’s data is a serious problem.

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