How can I configure Sumac to connect to the database regardless of where I am? i.e. using a VPN

How can I configure Sumac to connect to the database regardless of where I am? i.e. using a VPN

The best way to ensure that you can access Sumac from outside of your office is to use our Sumac Cloud hosting service. Sumac Cloud means that we host your database for you on our server and take care of backing up your database every day. In addition, if you need to connect to your database from multiple locations outside of your office, you can. Sumac Cloud allows you to connect to the database from any computer with an Internet connection (from work, from home, etc.).

Have a look at this page on our site to learn more about Sumac Cloud:

Alternatively, if you want to host your own database, but still need to connect to Sumac from outside your office, you could set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When you are in your office, you do not connect through the VPN. When you are in your office, the server computer is probably identified by its computer name (e.g. OfficeServer). When connecting from home, you may have to identify the server by its IP address (e.g. or by a different name.

When you run Sumac, it looks in a file named databases.txt. This file identifies the databases that are available. If there is only one, then it connects to that database. If there are two or more, then Sumac lets you specify which database you want.

You enable Sumac to access the database from different locations by putting two entries for the database in the databases.txt file. Here is how databases.txt could be configured for this purpose:

jdbc:mysql://OfficeServer/SumacDatabase com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
jdbc:mysql:// com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

When you log on to Sumac, it provides a drop-down menu from which you can choose the appropriate database, depending on how you are connecting to it.

If you use the Sumac Cloud service, then your database is accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

An important note: The Sumac Team does not provide technical support for setting up VPNs. If you are curious or need more background information or assistance in setting up a VPN for your organization, you should be working with your organization's IT personnel for this.

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