Case Management for Health and Social Services: Overview

Case Management for Health and Social Services: Overview

Sumac's Mental Health Case Management Module is built with the needs of a Mental Health organization in mind. It allows you to keep a record of clients' cases, manage workflow tasks, track program participation for the clients to report to funders, meet HIPAA/PIPEDA requirements, track outgoing referrals, record the calls coming into your Help Line, and more.

With the Mental Health Case Management add-on, you can track and report on:
  1. Client demographics such as gender, date of birth, age.
  2. Client intake information such as ethnicity, employment status, education completed, referral source, emergency contact information.
  3. Health background. 
  4. Manage Client’s Lifecycle
    • Intake & Screening
    • Assessment of Needs & Risks
    • Services Definition and Delivery
    • Discharge, Re-entry, & Aftercare
      5. Track incoming referrals.
      6. Manage outgoing referrals.
      7. Track incoming calls to Mental Health Crisis Helpline.
      8. Manage workflow tasks
  • Assigning users to a certain workflow/task 

  • Viewing the Assigned Tasks for yourself and other system users

  • Automate email communication to clients associated with tasks

What is a "client" in Sumac?
"Client" refers to an individual receiving support services from your organization. Sumac can keep track of your organization's activity and program usage of clients. 

You should now move on to these articles to learn more about using Sumac Case Management for Mental Health:
  1. Managing Client's Lifecycle
  2. Tracking Referrals
  3. Tracking Mental Health Crisis Line Activity
  4. Reporting in Sumac Case Management for Mental Health

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