Can Sumac send thank you letters?

Can Sumac send thank you letters?

Sumac can generate personalized “thank-you” letters for donors using Sumac’s built-in mail merge features. You can create an HTML template for a thank you letter being sent by email, or a .docx or .rtf document for sending out thank you letters by print-mail. Sumac also comes with built-in tools to send out bulk emails, or to create mailing labels too!
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    • How does sending bulk emails in Sumac work? How do I set it up?

      When Sumac sends bulk emails, it is essentially running a mail merge to personalize the emails as it sends them out. As such, you need a template that makes up the body of the email you're sending. Sumac combines the template with the data from your ...
    • How to send Bulk Email

      Your Sumac Administrator must configure the Sumac office record to send bulk email. In this example, we'll send out an e-newsletter. Open Contacts from the Console and find the contacts who want to receive your newsletter. This is usually recorded as ...
    • How To Insert Mail Merge Codes

      Step 1: Open Sumac, and click “Contacts” in the console Step 2: Under “Mailing”, click “Mail Merge Codes” Step 3: Choose the record type, and then the field you want to insert Step 4: Copy the code that appears Step 5: Paste the code into your ...
    • HTML Editor in Sumac

      Sumac now offers its own HTML editor - to make it easier and faster for you to create, edit and save your html templates in the database! In your Sumac Console, navigate to Utilities/Templates and HTML Editor: Click New to start creating a new HTML ...
    • How-to Video: Create Personalized Letters Using Mail Merge (3:14)


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