Can Sumac send me email notifications?

Can Sumac send me email notifications?

Sumac can be set up to automatically send e-mail notifications to your users when changes to the database have been made, or when activity occurs on your website (if you’ve purchased Sumac’s Website Integration service).

Some examples of when you can get email notifications from your Sumac database:

  • when you receive a contact makes their very first donation to your organization
  • when you receive a donation over a certain amount
  • when a contact is added to the database
  • when communications of various types are added
  • when a class registration or ticket order is received

There are lots of other activities that can trigger an automatic e-mail notification. If you would like to set this up in your own database, you need to set up two things:

  1. You need to configure your database to send emails. Have a look at this how-to video for instructions on how to do this:
  2. You need to configure your Notifiers for your database. Log into Sumac as an Administrator and navigate to Utilities > Customize Database > Notifiers. Click New to add a new Notifier, define the type of notification you'd like, and the email address to which you want this notification sent.

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