Can I archive contacts in Sumac?

Can I archive contacts in Sumac?

If you are running out of space in your contact list, and need to remove some old, inactive contacts to make more room, you have two options:

1) Archive the data in spreadsheets, then remove data from Sumac
Perhaps once a year, you could export the data for any inactive contacts (all their historical communications, donations, contact info, etc.), then remove them from the database. If you choose this option, you should define a time frame for when you will consider a contact ready to be archived. For example, the criteria could be things like:

  • contacts who are marked as "Deceased" or "Inactive"
  • contacts who have not made any donations for the past 15 years
  • contacts who you've had no other interactions with them for the past 10 years (e.g. communications, event attendance, etc.)

Once each year, you can pull this list of contacts, using this same criteria, to find all contacts who are ready to be archived. Then you can export all of their historical data out of Sumac (i.e. their donation records, their communication records, and their contact records), and store the data in spreadsheets on your office server. Once you've exported all the data for these contacts, you can delete them from your Sumac database. This way, the data is easily accessible should you decide you need it again in the future (you can access it in spreadsheets, and you can always import the data back into Sumac down the road if you choose).

Typically, we do not recommend removing data from your database. Removing data from Sumac means that you will not see this historical data moving forward (i.e. you cannot use this data in searches, reports, or any other purpose). We do not recommend removing data for recent donors, volunteers, event attendees, etc., or anything that you feel might be relevant to your needs within the next 5-10 years.


2) Upgrade your Sumac database to store more contacts.
If you feel you need to keep the data for these contacts stored in your Sumac database, you should consider the upgrading your Sumac license in future years to store more contacts. Let us know if you're interested in upgrading your license, and we can provide price lists to show you what the cost would be for this contact increase.