How to Bulk Edit

How to Bulk Edit

Bulk edit lets you change multiple records at once. It's a really handy tool and can be used in many lists in sumac.

Let's use the contact list for this example, perhaps you want to standardize the way you enter states. In the past data has been entered inconsistently, for example, some people used NV others use the whole name, Nevada.

To find all contacts with Nevada listed as their state:

1. Do a field search by the resident state that is equal to Nevada then select the contacts.
2. Click bulk edit and click OK to confirm.

That appears to tell Sumac whether you are changing contact types communication preferences volunteer types or other fields

3. Choose other fields to open a new window that asks you what should be changed.

You can set each field to a new value or clear the values currently in the field for all the selected contacts

4. Enter the new state as NV
5. Click OK, sumac will show you all the values that are currently in each field that is being changed in this case, Nevada

6. Click OK to confirm.

7. Click Yes to proceed and sumac changes all the contact records as specified.

 8. You can see that now those contacts have NV listed as their state.

You may also find bulk editing handy in the communications list, donations list and more.
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