How-to Video: Bulk Edit (1:59)

How-to Video: Bulk Edit (1:59)

This video shows you how to Bulk Edit several records at once in Sumac.

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    • How does sending bulk emails in Sumac work?

      When Sumac sends bulk emails, it is essentially running a mail merge to personalize the emails as it sends them out. As such, you need a template that makes up the body of the email you're sending. Sumac combines the template with the data from your ...
    • How do I set up Sumac to send emails?

      In order to send bulk emails out of your Sumac database, you’ll need to give Sumac some information about your mail server so that it knows how to send emails. Have a look at these how-to videos to learn everything about sending bulk emails in Sumac ...
    • Sending emails and receiving notifications with Sumac

      There are a few types of emails that Sumac can send: Sumac can send email notifications to you and other members of your team about activities that happen in your database, You can launch a one-off email from you to a single contact in your Sumac ...
    • Sumac says someone else is editing a record, but no one is. How can I edit the record?

      When you edit certain types of records (e.g. contacts, programs, ticket orders), Sumac locks the record so that only one person can edit it at once. If, while the record is still being edited, Sumac is terminated or the computer crashes, the record ...

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